Holiday season can be a little tough for people who are trying to eat healthy and clean, lose weight or those who have any dietary restrictions. I have 6 tips to help you stay on track while STILL fully enjoying the holidays!


  1. Make sure you’re well fed BEFORE the holiday party.  No skipping meals!  I know many people who really don’t eat all day before the party in anticipation of having a larger meal at the party.  Basically, they try to save their calorie intake for the party.  Although that might sound smart, it really sets you up for failure in two big ways.    It will slow down your metabolism which is NOT helpful for weight/belly issues and 2.  Your increased hunger level and cravings will just get the best of you leading you to stuffing your face into a food coma! So, make sure your body is “nutritionally fed” before the party.  Have eggs with greens for breakfast or have a loaded green smoothie.  This will prevent you from overeating!
  2. Eat your FAVORITE foods at the party! You don’t have to eat everything or sample (putting it mildly here) everything. Whichever dish is your favorite to eat or whichever dish you are in the mood for, eat that!
  3. Eat SLOWLY and SAVOR each bite! Don’t mindlessly eat while rambling on.  Fully enjoy your meal by chewing more and loving every bit of it.  You can try putting down your fork in between bites to help slow you down.  Remember, it takes time for our brains to get the signal that we’re full, so if you eat slow, you won’t over eat!
  4. Enjoy the company and the entertainment! There’s MUCH more to holiday gatherings than just food!!  Connect with others and just have a good old time.  That can nourish and comfort you on another level aside from food!
  5. Bring a healthy side dish to the party if you feel like that will help keep you getting too off track with your healthy diet.
  6. Lastly, practice moderation. Try to get in a light exercise the day of the party.  This will keep your body more insulin sensitive which can help with weight management. Drink lots of water throughout the day, so again you body feels more balanced, satisfied and at ease!


And if you still go “overboard,” know that it’s OKAY!  You can pick right back up again the next day.  No need for immense guilt.  It will be a new day where you get to make healthier choices all over again.  Take a deep breath and just THANK God for all the abundance you have around you!