Birthday Refections

Another year older! Numbers don’t lie. Every year, I find myself reflecting on my birthday. So, here are my birthday reflections. These are just a good chunk of my realizations, what I’m valuing, what I’m still wanting and what I have learned this past year. 

  1. Trusting in Allah (God). Completely. Doing more dhikr (remembrance/praise of God) helps with that.
  2. More quality time with family – I’m valuing this more and more as I’m getting older.  Especially cherishing my parents. 
  3. Needing my girlfriends! Heart to heart conversations are the best with your close few.
  4. Getting my creative juices flowing – in any way, shape or form.  This could be building my business, artwork with the kids, cooking in the kitchen, dancing, etc.
  5. Incorporating more quiet time/stillness in my day where I get to connect with myself, Allah and nature- taking little ‘nature breaks’ when I feel the need
  6. Prioritizing physical activity to feel strong and fit.  Again, for me that looks like yoga!
  7. Practicing gratitude by appreciating and celebrating the good in my life. 
  8. Learning more and more about mental and emotional health especially as it relates to my individual self
  9. Exploring with my kids
  10. Finding those little moments of joy and laughter amongst the hectic schedules and motherhood duties of daily life.  Being fully present in them.
  11. Bonding over some good entertainment with others
  12. Healing myself
  13.  Not comparing my life to others
  14. Moving on
  15. Taking action and showing up

I hope you could relate with some of these or be inspired by them. What realizations are hitting you as you’re getting older? I would love to hear some of them. We’re all always evolving and as we go through different phases of life, sometimes that has us re-evaluating some of the outdated beliefs and ideas we’ve been carrying with us. Reflecting really helps you figure out what’s serving you and what’s not anymore. I urge you to give it a try!