Holistic Health Program


This program will cover SO many things!!

It will be a total of 6 sessions for 6 weeks.  Every week I’ll be sending out a recording with a power point.

In the 6 sessions, I’ll have a special topic covering healthy diet and another special topic covering healthy lifestyle .  Along with it being educational, it’ll also be very practical, so that you can actually put things into action and gain benefit right away !

There’s lots of conflicting diet and nutrition information/studies out there. There’s also a plethora of healthy lifestyle changes you can be making.  This program will help you navigate through all the confusion in the health world and help you prioritize what’s important for your health and longevity.

This program is for you:

  • If you’ve been very confused about diet and nutrition, jumping from diet to diet, adding in supposedly super-healthy foods to ditching them out all together because they’re suddenly demonized (hello eggs, coconut oil, grains, diary etc)
  • if you really want to know what the fuss is all about being gluten-free and diary-free, should you go no-carb or low carb? should you go vegan, giving up all animal foods or go paleo?
  • why doesn’t one diet work wonders for you as it did for so many others? are you doing it all wrong?
  • If you’re a mother/caretaker who is always getting mixed advice from others on healthy/unhealthy foods and want to get your facts straight about what oil to use in your cooking, is organic really worth it, is the diet your kids/family on contributing to health issues/ailments or you just really want to learn how to add LOADS of plant-based foods to your daily diet
  • how the heck do you get a control on those junk-food cravings?
  • how can you really eat mindfully and stop before you’re full?
  • If you need some help around discovering and following your passion in life
  • why is it that although you’re eating fairly healthy, you still don’t feel your best, what are you missing in your life to feel more alive?
  • You’re always on the go, rushing from one thing to another, feeling mentally/emotionally exhausted and really want to learn how to slow down and add some more REAL self-care into your life
  • If you’re plagued by negative thinking and need to develop a positive mindset
  • If you want to learn how to meal prep with easy ways/recipes to make it happen.

You’ll also be getting a 6 day healthy meal plan with delicious recipes ! it’ll make putting healthy meals together so much easier and convenient for you and your family!

Here is the total breakdown of what we will be covering in each of the 6 sessions:

In this session, we’ll be starting with all the foundations and basics you need to know for a healthy diet and healtlhy lifestyle.  We’ll be covering some overarching concepts in the health world, looking at some tradtional healthy diets, covering what healthier swaps to use for your daily cooking,  learning how to decode nutrition labels and what harmful ingredients to avoid, learning all about how you can best hydrate yourself, and learning about the all important concept of primary foods.

Whole vs processed food
Traditional diets of different cultures
Reading nutrition labels and ingredient lists
Toxic addititves to avoid
GMO and organic labels
All about hydration- fun ways to make sure you’re hydrated
Importance of lifestyle habits related to health

FOOD FOCUS: Greens and vegetables
The medicinal effects of vegetables
Plant-based diet benefits
How to build a satisfying salad
LIFESTYLE FOCUS: Concept of Bio-individuality
All about diary- (go dairy-free or not)
All about gluten- (go gluten-free or not)
Food sensitivities
Food diary

FOOD FOCUS: Proteins and Fats
Animal-based protein vs plant-based protein
Good fats vs. bad fats
Vegetable oils
Deep breathing exercises
How to eat mindfully
How to improve sleep habits and sleep quality

FOOD FOUCS: Carbohydrates/sugars
Good vs. bad carbs
Glycemic load
Harms of too much sugar intake
Natural healthier sweeteners
All about fermented foods and probiotics
Different movement practices
Tips on staying regular with exercise
Post-work out nutrition

FOOD FOCUS: Cravings/Healthy snacking
How to deal with cravings
Sugar addiction
Healthier sweet treat ideas for sugar cravings
Healthy snack ideas
Healthy smoothie guidelines
LIFESTYLE FOCUS: Pursuing your passion
Finding your strengths exercise
Tips around pursuing your passion

FOOD FOCUS: Meal Prep/Recipes
Meal planning basics
6 day meal plan with full recipes
How to add more vegetables to your daily diet
Healthy breakfast and simple lunch ideas
South Asian diet guidelines for health
LIFESTYLE FOCUS: Positive thinking
Exercises for developing a positive mindset
Stress/anxiety management tips
Positive affirmations
End of program coaching tips

You’ll also be getting a facebook support group where you can post your questions and/or comments.  We can all help each other out in there and connect on any health topics!

Trust me when I say I truly BELIEVE in this program’s value.  It literally will give you life-changing information to really upgrade your health and wellbeing.  It can be transformative! SO many gems of knowledge are in this program and it really EMPOWERS you.  I love empowering others to take charge of their own life and happiness.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re only looking for quick fixes and “miracle cures” – this is about creating SUSTAINABLE healthy diet and lifestyle changes for short AND long term health.
  • If you’re NOT open-minded and look down upon alternative and natural solutions to health and healing

OTHER than the above, this program is for anyone who wants to benefit their health.



(This is my first ever program that I am offering, so I’ve priced this very reasonably considering the time and amount of work that has gone into this!)

The price is $25 per session.  Since, there are 6 sessions, the total cost of the program is $150 . There are 2 payment plans available: you can pay the total of $150 once you sign up, or you can pay in 2 installments of $75.  The first payment will be charged as soon as you sign up and the second payment will be charged half way through the program (in April!).

Once you’re enrolled, when the program starts, I’ll be sending out weekly emails in which you can access that session’s power point and video link.

READY TO JOIN ? Please sign up below 🙂

You will be redirected to the payment page as soon as you sign up, or you can just come back here to make the payment below! To ensure you’re registered, make sure you have made the necessary payment.  Remember, program starts Monday, March 25th!  If you have any questions at all you can email me at Healthwithafrina@gmail.com .  Thank you!

Here are the payment options:

1. Full Payment – $150

2. Pay in 2 installments of $75

You can make your first payment for $75 right now to ensure your spot.  Your next payment will be due half way through the program !