One Session Coaching and/or Meal Prep!

Are you looking for someone to give you a personal healthy diet guide based on your unique body, lifestyle and preferences but without committing to a 3 month coaching program? Do you need help and guidance in meal-prepping? Then this can be the right fit for you!

For the one session coaching, I will do a health history with you assessing your health status, lifestyle, and your current goal. Based on that, I will give you a specific diet plan that you can sustain for long-term.

For the meal prep, I will do a 2 hour meal prep session where I can come to your home and show you the ins and out of doing a weekly healthy meal prep! This will ensure, you have healthy food ready to eat at home when you’re busy in your daily life work. Here’s how it works: We would pick 2 protein dishes, 2 veggie dishes, 1-2 dressing/sauce choices and 1 high quality carb dish that we can make during those 2 hours. I would give you a grocery list beforehand depending on the menu we decide so you have all the ingredients we would need for the session. I’ll also give you lots of tips, tricks, menu ideas, recipes and even a 6 day meal plan, so you are fully equipped to continue meal prepping in the future.

You can choose either one or both of these offerings! The cost of the 1 session coaching is $75 on it’s own. The cost of the 2 hour meal-prep session is $150 on it’s own. However, if you decide to do both (which is highly recommended) then the total cost would be reduced to $200!

You can email me at if you have any questions/comments or if you’re interested!