Women are typically the primary nourishers of the home. This is why it is essential for us to be healthy and nourished, so that we can effectively nourish others. I know a lot of women who need a little more commitment to look after their own health. For some women this can mean getting support around weight loss, managing cravings, gaining more energy, reducing stress, or wanting more balance in life, etc. and for others, it can just mean being taught about wholesome natural foods to provide their families with quick and tasty nourishing meals. I want to empower women to take control of their health and wellbeing! These are the programs I’m offering currently:

Products and Programs:

1.Taste of a Healthy Ramadan PDF

I created a booklet as a guide for healthy eating during Ramadan! Includes many tips and recipes for suhoor, iftar and post-iftar snacks! Click here for more info!


2. Holistic Health Program

A 6 week session with power points and audio recordings covering healthy diet and lifestyle changes.  Click here for more info!

First program starting Monday, March 25th 2019!

3.  One on One Coaching

A 3 month personal health coaching program where I will provide you with the education, resources, support, guidance and the accountability you need to reach your health and wellness goals. Click here for more info!

4.  One Session Coaching and/or a 2 hour Meal-Prep Session 

Are you looking for someone to give you a personal healthy diet guide based on your unique body, lifestyle and preferences but without committing to a 3 month coaching program? Do you need help and guidance in meal-prepping? Then this can be the right fit for you! Click here for more info!